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Designing a Kitchen You Never Want to Leave

All about Project Punkin Patch Road Kitchen

Blue & cream kitchen in Connecticut

It’s all about the little moments in this kitchen. 

Our goal with our Punkin Patch Kitchen was to create a space that our clients would never want to leave, where eating in just sounds so good! Let’s dive into the details that make this kitchen truly a one-of-a-kind space.

Cream Kitchen Island with black soapstone countertop and black and brass pendant lighting and blue pantry

Our client came to us because they had enough of their outdated kitchen.

The before says it all! Not only were the aesthetics making them hate the space but it didn’t function for their lives.

As true foodies and a foodie in training, they needed a space where they could gather together to prep, bake, and create their own culinary masterpieces.

The tile countertops were impossible to clean and in terrible condition, the layout was seriously crowded and they lacked functional food storage and prep space.

The dining room and family room were cut off from the spaces making it feel closed in, dark, and disconnected. Which made cooking feel like a solo experience.

Pantry Goals

The pantry is the main event of this kitchen! 

It’s the perfect example of turning lemons into lemonade!  This pantry was born from an HVAC run we couldn’t remove, transforming a potentially awkward corner into a showpiece. 

This step-in pantry allows everything to be within easy reach when cooking, complete with a prep sink and lots of shelves for storage.

Open Pantry (usually hidden) Lili Cement Tiles, walnut drawers, open shelving

To give the pantry a pop of personality, we had Lili Cement tiles custom-made to the perfect shade of blue/green. Every time our client opens these doors, she’s greeted with a burst of personality that makes her morning!

Because form and function must go hand in hand, our huge bi-fold pantry doors can be folded away out of sight, providing easy access when cooking and prepping. And when the culinary fun is over - or guests drop by - the counter clutter is easily hidden away, keeping the kitchen looking picture-perfect.

The blue paint color of the doors perfectly complements the French linen color on the island and sink run, nodding to a classic white kitchen while keeping it warm and inviting.

Neverending counters

A huge island and lots of counter space were on top of our clients' must-have list. Our client’s son is an avid baker who cooks a lot with his mom, so they needed space to spread out and try new recipes and baking techniques. 

This sprawling soapstone island is a showstopper, providing ample prep space for their culinary adventures.  We selected this material because it is reminiscent of the research lab where our client’s husband spends his work days, adding another personal touch to this kitchen design. And in my opinion, nothing really compares to the beauty of natural stone!

Ode to the nature lovers

Like many of our clients, this homeowner is a plant enthusiast. So we centered the sink under the large windows overlooking their brand new deck which is surrounded by a bamboo “forest”. It’s the perfect place to watch the birds in the afternoon and listen to calming sounds as the wind blows.

Punkin Patch Kitchen

 We also created a little ledge under the window specifically for her to grow her beloved plant babies. Additionally, we added shelves on either side of the window to display more plants, making the space feel alive and vibrant. 

A Cozy Coffee Corner: Savoring the Little Moments

The love for coffee runs deep with these clients. So in this kitchen, we set the scene to make the morning caffeine situation less humdrum and instead a little moment to savor each day. It’s a little functional nook to get the day started on the right food.

Our client’s coffee corner is set up perfectly by the large kitchen window to watch the birds fly in and out of the bamboo, offering a serene start to the day.

Walnut features

One of the standout features in this kitchen is the touches of walnut we sprinkled throughout. The rich, warm tones add a touch of elegance and sophistication, seamlessly blending functionality with stunning aesthetics.

Open pantry showing open shelving, drawers, and custom tile

Our pantry drawers were made out of walnut, both inside and out. A truly stunning moment when looking for snacks!  We also added walnut shelves by the windows to highlight family heirlooms and provide functional lower shelves. These shelves blend style and practicality, enhancing the kitchen’s overall charm.

This moody and oh-so-cool space has seen a lot of action since its completion. We opened the space up to the dining room and adjoining family room, creating a seamless flow that’s perfect for family gatherings and entertaining.

Creating a kitchen like this is all about attention to detail and understanding the unique needs and passions of our clients. It’s a space where every moment is cherished, and every detail contributes to a warm, inviting atmosphere. A space our clients will never want to leave!




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